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(DEC 12, 2005) It never ceases to amaze me in the things that happen in this sport. Last night, Dawn Ramey, 114, 1-0-1, fought on the undercard against Claudia O’Brian, 122, in what was “supposed” to be a four round bout.   WBAN received information from an “insider” who was at the event, tell WBAN the following (excerpt): “Last night I witnessed an injustice in women’s boxing, and I was ringside for the entire incident. Aaron Davis, the first Kansas Commissioner, has seemed to make up his own rules for pro women’s boxing. At the Kansas Expo Center in Topeka, a Danger Fire Promotions had a female fight scheduled for four rounds. Claudia O’Brian (122), making her pro debut, was fighting Dawn Ramey (114), 1-0-1. At the beginning of the third round bell, (neither fighter injured) the referee, Raul Guaverra, stated that the fight was only scheduled as a two round fight. At this time the fight was basically even, and they were ready to go out for the third round. Women only fight two rounds. Break in the event, and took an intermission, and took about 25 minutes. Discussed the whole thinkg, Ramey had her fight hand wraps Ramey on her way to the car. Would call it a TKO, and refuses to change it. “Battle of Men”.

Aaron Davis, the first Kansas Commissioner, agreed, even after both promoters Craig Cummings and Brian Reed jumped up to dispute. Davis ruled the fight a unanimous decision after two rounds. With much confusion, both women protesting, they went to the lockers removed their gear, handwraps and changed. After a ten minute delay, Davis decieded that they could continue the two rounds. He asked both women, to get ready and go out for two more rounds. Davis said, if they did not it would be considered a TKO on the record.”

Note:  WBAN confirmed this information with the ABC Commission that this was a mess up, but Davis was not cooperative with WBAN in answering questions we had for him. Davis is the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL commission we have ever dealt with The promoter Craig Cummings would not send us a tape as requested and it is assumed at this point that the tape was such an embarrassment they didn’t want anyone viewing it—what other conclusion could one reach.

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