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Female Prisoner Making Pro Debut in Boxing—Fights for World Title in a Thailand Prison!
By Sue TL Fox -November 10, 2005

(NOV 10, 2005) Who could forget about Nog Nai Siriporn, the Thailand boxer who never had a pro fight, was a prisoner in a Thailand prison, and where the world title bout took place in the prison. Did I mention, she was fighting for a WBC world title belt? There was little information on Siriporn, and we were led to believe before the fight that Siriporn was 8-0. BUT it took Siriporn, herself , who gave her true record to the press–she WAS making her pro debut. JUST WHEN YOU THINK it could not get worst, more information is revealed through the news media that Siriporn was told that they would shorten her Prison sentence.


Fan Man’ crashes into the ring during a world heavyweight title fight, Las Vegas, Nov. 1993 
Riddick Bowe was the World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation heavyweight champion when he defended his title against Evander Holyfield at Caesars Palace. Despite weighing in at a blubbery 246lb, Bowe was ahead on most judges’ cards when, in the seventh round, James Miller, then 29, descended towards the ring in a parachute powered by a giant fan. During the descent the chute’s cords became tangled in the ring lights and, as Miller headed for the canvas, one of his legs caught the top rope of the ring. Chaos ensued. Having recovered from their initial panic, Bowe’s entourage beat Miller up so badly (one of them hit him more than 20 times) that he was taken to hospital. The fight was suspended for 21 minutes as Holyfield regrouped. He went on to regain his title by a majority decision.


First “Two Round” Bout! by Sue TL Fox

(DEC 12, 2005) That’s right folks…we actually had a commissioner, Aaron Davis, who apparently thought that women only fight two rounds! The fight took place in Topeka, Kansas, where two women boxers were fighting a four-rounder. When the fighters were coming out for the third round, the Commissioner and Ref stopped the fight—because they thought it was over. What was MORE outrageous, was that the fighters left the ring, took their wraps and equipment off, and when the nimrods figured out the Blooper they created—they actually tried to get the boxers to re-enter the ring! Luckily the fight was ultimately called a “no contest.” This information was confirmed with the ABC Commission. Full Story

Tyson is Back…OR IS THAT “Bite!”
June 18, 2005

No..No…HBN is not talking about Mike Tyson, but a female boxer who was so outrageous in 2005, that she BIT her opponent! Zarrika Fatuma was fighting Frida Wallberg for a 10-round WIBF Intercontinental bout, when Fatuma apparently got frustrated, and took a chunk out of Walberg’s collarbone. In the Swedish news, where Wallberg is from, they reported the following (excerpt): “Forget the bite. Forget the scandalous fight. Forget, that Frida Wallberg probably will be unable to see with her left eye for the next week or so. Remember, that Frida Wallberg took the first big step towards the world top at the Scandinavian Congress Center in Århus yesterday. “She (Fatuma) lowered her head and bit. I was so angry”, said Frida Wallberg after the scandalous fight. Zarrika Fatuma tried to bite her way to victory in frustration. The kenyan woman bit Frida twice just above the left collarbone. Once in the sixth round and another attempt in the eight. I don’t know why she did it, but I realized immediately what she was up to. It hurt bad, but I couldn’t lose my temper. [Add Mike Tyson to this B-I-T-I-N-G story, as one of the most outrageous!]

Most Outrageous Mismatch in the year 2000!  Ali vs. 49-year-old Grandmother!

Laila Ali had tongues a-wagging in the boxing world after this fiasco where top boxing folks witnessed this one round joke. Ali was in her 20’s and took on this woman who was over double her age and had little skill.  Fight report: “On June 15, 2000 at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California, Laila (173 lbs) moved her record to 7-0 (7 KO’s) by knocking out a windmilling Marjorie Jones (179 lbs) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 1:08 of the first round. Ali knocked Jones down three times, the last with a right to the head. Jones, a 49-year-old who had been boxing professionally for two years and had two KO wins, fell to 2-5. A near-capacity crowd of over 3,800 … again including Ali’s father … saw this “fight”, which drew widespread criticism as a blatant mismatch.” In one bio page on the net, Ali said it was one of the most embarrassing moments she experienced in the sport. She said the following: ““When I had a last-minute replacement of a woman that was 49 — Marjorie Jones. And I was fighting in my hometown — the Universal Amphitheatre. It was the most embarrassing thing in the world. My husband at the time was my promoter and I couldn’t back out of the fight. So I got in there. That was very embarrassing. Because she didn’t need to be in there. She was an old lady.”  Photo: J & P Photography

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